2022 ISBD Experience

Thank you for joining us for a truly immersive experience!

The 2022 ISBD Experience was held live from June 10-12, 2022.  Recordings are available to registered attendees until July 12th.  

In 2022 the ISBD is offering something totally new – The ISBD Experience.

 The ISBD Experience challenges conventional notions of what is possible in a virtual meeting.  It is a new concept that is based on our insights from two very successful virtual conferences that ISBD has hosted in 2020 and 2021.

 The different and forward-looking format of the ISBD experience is designed to ensure greater engagement with fresh content and lively discussion and debate.

 Perhaps one of the most important differences from past in-person and even recent virtual meetings is the move to give every single presenter as much exposure as possible. One key change is that the program contains a maximum of 2 concurrent sessions at any one time, with the vast majority of the program comprising only one experience. This means everyone attends virtually everything and there is a real of sense of engagement with the presenters and other delegates. 

Another enhancement is the experience of posters. The ISBD Experience includes new and exciting “In the Spotlight” sessions that will provide an opportunity for live presentation of the posters in special plenary sessions of the meeting.

Similarly, the former pre-conference courses, have now been re-invented as immersive interactive workshops, and they now have a central role in the meeting. This will give every delegate the opportunity to participate in active learning and allow them to learn from peers as well as presenters.

A further innovation is the fine-tuning of rapid oral communications so that they focus on “New and Trending” topics. These will incorporate novel concepts, new data and the latest research and clinical updates. All of these will be presented in punchy 5-minute presentations with time allocated for follow-up discussion.

In addition, the ISBD Experience will showcase the research of top-tier speakers who will present in Headliner presentations and lively Plenary Debates.

In sum, the ISBD Experience is totally new. It has been completely re-engineered from the ground up to deliver more thoughtful insights in less time, more exposure with less distractions, and more engagement and less talking heads.​ We believe it is inspiring and will be a tremendous success.

So get ready for “The ISBD Experience” – we look forward to welcoming you.

2022 ISBD Experience

What is Erin Michalak, ISBD VP of Global Outreach, most excited about for the 2022 ISBD Experience?

What Is New in 2022?

Hear what is new for the 2022 ISBD Experience from Ralph Kupka, the ISBD VP of Education.

Spanish Promo

Hear from ISBD Past President and Board Member, Manuel Sanchez de Carmona.

Why Join Us?

Anne Duffy, ISBD Steering Committee Member, discusses new aspects of the 2022 Experience!

info exchange

An all-new approach to the virtual conference with live posters, shorter form presentations, enhanced interactive workshops and symposia and a streamlined programming with most content in a plenary format.

unique program

A unique program featuring immersive workshops, keynote lectures from some of the leading experts in the field, lively plenary debates, short form presentations in our New & Trending sessions, live posters featured in our “In the Spotlight” sessions and interactive ePoster sessions.

Continuing Education

ISBD is pleased to offer Continuing Medical Education credits at no additional cost for physicians.


Join other international scientists and clinicians to be a part of this unique opportunity to share cutting edge findings and network with distinguished experts in the field.  ISBD will publish the conference abstracts in the online journal Bipolar Disorders as a supplement to the virtual event.

Join Us June 10-12, 2022